Calling Paper for International Seminar on Da'wah - Da'wah in Digital Era

Dear Academics,

The Third International Seminar on Dakwah (ISOD 2017) will be held at UKM from the 20th - 21st November 2017, with the theme "Da’wah in Digital Era". 

This conference invites scholars, practitioners, policy makers, researchers, and educators to share original findings, new ideas or concepts, empirically grounded and multidisciplinary works that result from contemporary research projects on da’wah in digital era and community development.

> All presented papers will be published in peer reviewed conference proceeding.
> Selected papers will be published in Journal of Islamic Dakwah (al-Hikmah)

The conference pays particular attention to three main issues or sub-themes:
1. The change in/of the society resulted from the emergence of the communication technologies
2. The tools or mediums used in Digital da’wah that give the significant impact to the society
3. The best experiences of doing Digital da’wah

Participants can also address the following topics:
1. Da’wah digital through new media
2. Da’wah digital through traditional media
3. Da’wah digital and psychology da’wah
4. Da’wah digital and communication da’wah
5. Da’wah digital and thread to Aqidah and culture
6. Da’wah digital and security
7. Da’wah digital and sustainable society
8. Da’wah digital and industrial practice
9. Da’wah digital in politics and ethics
10. Da’wah digital in management and leadership
11. Da’wah digital in multiple ethnics
12. Da’wah digital in arts and culture
13. Da’wah digital in teaching and learning
14. Da’wah digital in the regional and international society
15. Da’wah and society 

For futher details, please go to the seminar website: